Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Report Rachel Maddow Spoke of on her Show

Here is the site you can find the report Rachel Maddow was speaking of on her show.

It is horrifying. But it needs to be read. We need to see what was done and we need to know that not only Military personal did this but also MEDICAL PERSONAL were involved.

It is here..NYBooks.com It is a PDF page.. It is 41 pages and I have just started reading it, but it is already giving me chills.

It describes 14 individuals and what was done to them in our name. Yes, OUR name... because it was done by agents and doctors of the US Government. That means they were working for us.

Here is Mark Danner's article with excerpts from the ICRC report.

Some of this is really hard to read. But, we really need to read it to get angry so we can make sure this never happens again. This is what we need to have people see in order to force them to realize what was done and how horrible it really was. Maybe then, it will be prosecuted.


enigma4ever said...

I just finished it...as a nurse I am sick over this...( I don't think many people are going to want to read it...really horrible....and it should have been released before the election....when the trials start...???)

and also the Gitmo National Geo special is on this week...

hang in there lady- we will never ever let anything like this ever be done in our name again.....

mommapolitico said...

I did the same on my blog...maybe if enough of us reference it with links we can get the word out. Keep fighting the good fight.