Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sec State Clinton to Rep. Pence, (R, IN) Stick It Bud.. Pres. Obama Won, and I Got His Back

When Pres. Obama first said he was asking Hillary Clinton to be his Sec. of State, I really had my doubts. I just didn't think she had the chops to do it.

It was one of the first times I really had a difference with him and I felt very strongly about it. I just didn't care for Hillary, didn't trust her and wasn't sure she would be effective or very good as Sec. of State. But I felt she would be very good and a great ally in the Senate where she was.

However, she has proven me wrong so far. I am glad to say that. She has done very well, and I am proud to say I am impressed by what she has done and that she is doing a bang up job.

Today, she was on Capitol Hill attending hearings about what has been going on with the Foreign Policy and she had some tough questions to answer. She did well.

Here is just one. Over the weekend, of course the huge topic of conversation has been the handshake between Pres. Obama and Hugo Chavez. Oh the Well, Mike Pence, from Indiana had to hit on it in the hearings today.

Hillary hit back...HARD...I love it. She nailed him to the wall... Watch this:

Great job, Hillary, Thanks for having the President's back.. and I will have yours anytime you need me.


Patricia said...

Oh, snap! Hillary is better when she's actually doing stuff than when she's running for office. I didn't support her in the primaries, but she was OK as our senator in many ways. Outside of that infamous vote, of course. But a lot of people did that.

themom said...

I have been a Hillary supporter, and in this clip, she thinks well and quick on her feet. I cannot understand what the "other" parties expected Obama to do when he met Chavez. Hit him in the face, spit on him? He was a true diplomat and handled himself as such. If one watched the full clip of Chavez handing Obama the book - Obama was in a conversation with someone next to him, when Chavez interrupted and Obama couteously stood up and listened. These right wingnuts are close to the precipice.