Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just another Hypocritical Republican

I had a visit this morning on my lowly little blog by Representative Kimble. He is a republican from California and has taken up the cause of Kooky Michele Bachmann, and even suggested I should back off her.

Well, I decided I would check out Mr. Kimble to see what he had to say for himself. Guess what. He is just another hypocrite.

He is bragging on his blog that he just started that he brought home the money in the stimulus package for a new GIs to Greeters Center. Now, isn't that something.. Of course, we remember how he worked so hard to get that money for his district, don't we?? How he asked for it, campaigned for it, asked his other representatives in the house to vote for it.... oh wait.. there were no Republicans that voted for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in the House of Representatives, you say?

Then how did he bring home that money?? Oh, he really didn't bring it home, he just is claiming he did. Like so many other of the hypocritical Republican Senators and Representatives.

You should check out his blog. It is very new and he isn't getting much traffic yet.. so lets show him some linky love.. He even has a survey up wanting to know what we want.
A Freemarket Capitalist System
1 (50%)

Obama Style Socialism
1 (50%)

Giving Handouts to People
0 (0%)
Tighter Government Regulation

That's his survey.. as you can see he hasn't had many votes... I voted for the Obama Style Socialism....lol I guess he voted for the Capitalist System.

I have been making some pretty harsh comments on there this morning.. returning his love I guess you could say...lol

Oh, one other thing.. Nate did an interview with him the other day too.. That is interesting and he even talks about it on his blog.. I guess that's what got him interested in starting his. So, you can check out Nate's blog too. That's Right Nate. Always interesting, Always funny...lol

So, check him out, give him a visit and bugger his survey...lol Thanks all.


enigma4ever said...

okay....I went over...left him a messege...unreal....a greeting center ????? sad...our Military deserves soooo much better....

thanks for telling us about him....

( how did he find your blog ?)

Annette said...

I haven't a clue how he found me...lol Just left comments on the post about wacky Michele...lol

Broadway Carl said...

Hey, thanks for the inspiration. I left him my two cents and posted something of my own.

Vast said...

Oh yummy, a new Right winger to have fun with.

D.K. Raed said...

I didn't realize he was for real.

Vast said...

Anyone know what district this guy represents?

Annette said...

I haven't a clue.. He came to me when he told me to back off Bachmann.. I don't know if that's when he found me or if he got my name from Nate's site.. I do go there quite often.

I had never heard of him.. don't really know anything about him. Maybe he is a joke.. he certainly sounds like it. But then so do most of the rethuglicans

Vast said...

I asked him what district he represents on his blog and he replied with...

"Fulton - Barksdale corridor with just a small sliver of Blake County"

Can someone help me find any of these places? According to That's Right Nate, Jack Kimble is a California rep. I found a Fulton, CA just north of San Fran in Sonoma county but I can't find a Barksdale and I can't Blake county.

My confidence in this guys real existence is slipping.

And apparently the reason he doesn't have an official site yet is...

"We've been having some issues with my official site, but it should be up soon. Somebody was using my account to access porn sites so we had to take it down to avoid any hint of scandal."

Is his congressional office in the same building as the NSF or what?