Saturday, April 18, 2009

The President Wants 5 minutes of your Time

The President wants about 5 minutes of your time. He has a few million dollars to save and a couple of people to tell you about. These are the new additions to the cabinet. Let's welcome them and hope they get to work

Jeffrey D. Zients - Chief Performance Officer
Zients has twenty years of business experience as a CEO, management consultant and entrepreneur with a deep understanding of business strategy, process reengineering and financial management. He served as CEO and Chairman of the Advisory Board Company and Chairman of the Corporate Executive Board. These firms are leading providers of performance benchmarks and best practices across a wide range of industries. Currently, he is the Founder and Managing Partner of Portfolio Logic, an investment firm focused primarily on business and healthcare service companies.

Aneesh Paul Chopra - Chief Technology Officer
Chopra serves as Virginia’s Secretary of Technology. He leads the Commonwealth’s strategy to effectively leverage technology in government reform, to promote Virginia’s innovation agenda, and to foster technology-related economic development. Previously, he worked as Managing Director with the Advisory Board Company, leading the firm’s Financial Leadership Council and the Working Council for Health Plan Executives.


majii said...

I live in GA, and this past week both Chambliss and Isakson spoke against decreasing defense spending on NPR because McDonnell-Douglas and Boeing have plants here. Their hypocrisy was clear. They were anti-government spending on the stim pak and the omnibus, but extremely vocal on the need for more $ to keep these industries going. The most glaring hypocrisy I see here are the citizens who want massive government spending on defense, but little to none for helping the poor and middle class. About the best thing that has happened here politically this week was Casey Cagle withdrawing from the guv's race due to health problems, but the whole group of potential candidates sucks really bad, but the people keep on voting them into office. Athens, Macon, and Atlanta are the only blue parts of the state. The southern and far northern parts (near the Tennessee-South Carolina border) are blood red. The southern part is rural and the northern part is where the so-called hoity toity brigade live in their gated communities, away from anyone who is different from them. Go figure.

enigma4ever said...

thanks for this....I watch him every week- he can have more than 5 minutes of my time- anytime....

enigma4ever said...
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