Saturday, April 4, 2009

Joe Trippi has a New Post About Mugabe and the Prisons

Joe Trippi has a new post up about the horrible prison conditions in Zimbabwe and the Mugabe regime. I have talked before about how he kept Roy Bennett imprisoned for no reason other than speaking against his illegal governance.

The videos are terrible and show the conditions inside the prisons with a secret camera that they used to film how the prisoners were treated for about 3 or 4 months. They look like some of the ones from the Death Camps of WWII. Starved, beaten, sleeping on the floor with rags for blankets and clothes.

You can visit Joe Trippi's Blog here and see the videos yourself. Joe is a good guy and worked very hard to get Roy released. He was on David Shuster's 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and was very emotional when he got to talk to his friend Roy Bennett for the first time.

This is something that I hope Pres. Obama will take up and that Susan Rice as UN Ambassador will look into. Robert Mugabe is a brutal man and needs to be stopped.

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