Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Proof we Need to Go Green

I posted about going Green yesterday... well here is the reason we need to be thinking and doing just that. Proof that we need to be serious about it.

From Monsters and Critics: Researchers spot huge split in Antartic ice shelf

Madrid - Antarctica's Wilkins Ice Shelf is rapidly disintegrating, Spanish scientists reported on Tuesday, with potentially ominous implications for climate change.

An ice sheet of 14,000 square kilometres has broken off from the Wilkins Shelf, and has itself broken into several large icebergs, according to a statement from Spain's National Research Council (CSIC).

CSIC scientists aboard the Hesperides maritime research vessel spotted the disintegration, about 1,600 kilometres south of the southern tip of South America.

If their observation is confirmed, only a small tip of the huge 16,000 square kilometre ice shelf would still be attached to Antarctica.

Pedro Luis de la Puente, the captain of the Hesperides, said 'We have seen huge icebergs, which have split off from the ice platform. Some of these icebergs are more than 200 metres high.'

The scientists pointed out that such a disintegration of an ice sheet would lead to rising sea levels.


Vast said...

Speaking of going green...,0,5606071.story?track=rss

Fran said...

(Ice) Sheet is really hitting the fan.

Too bad we spent decades with people trying to stall by questioning the science. What do they need a fricking melting iceberg to hit them upside the head to get it?

enigma4ever said...

thanks for posting on this...WHY is the MSM not posting on with photos and scientists...urgh...

another titannical situation and we lost 8 years that we should have been working on this....