Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bloggers under attack, and fighting back

There are some funny things going on today... Stories popping up and emails going around. For the funny story, you have to check out this blog called The Political Carnival. They have a story on John Ziegler that will just make you laugh. After his little song and dance about Sarah Palin this week... it is worth the read. He is such a goof ball.

Then another blog I read a lot Celtic Diva got a strange email. Now you have to understand first of all. Linda, the Diva herself, lives in Alaska and has for several years. That's how I started reading her blog, was when Sarah Palin was introduced to us and I went to "the Google" to check her out and I found some wonderful places, to get good information about her. Linda was also the DNCC blogger for the State of Alaska. Which is quite the honor. So you need to go to check out the answer to the email. I took out the name and address..

The email goes like this:

Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2009 6:50:54 AM
Subject: Blog
You are one nasty and mean spirited person for continuing to perpetuate outright lies regarding the integrity of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Do yourself a favor (as well as your readers) and do your own research on Gov Palin and report the fact to us. If it is so important for you to blaspheme her, spend the money and fly to Alaska and obtain the facts. Best wishes for 2009. Rick

Now as you can see, he tells her to go to Alaska and check out the facts and then report back to her. So, he didn't read her site, just found it and realized she had posted something on Palin and attacked her by email.

And to say she is "blaspheming" Palin. By telling the truth. Besides, how do you do that. The definition of blaspheme is "to speak irreverently or profanely of or to (God or sacred things)." UM, Sarah Palin is not God...and she is NOT sacred. Geeze people get a life...will you.

Like I said, strange. Then, after the Palin interview with Ziegler I decided I would check out his site. So I went to John Ziegler's site which doesn't say anything about Sarah Palin... the name is How Obama got elected... (see my post from yesterday) Because that's what he is claiming. That was the biggest part of the portion of the tape he released, the media is terrible, they were mean to Palin, they treated her terrible and everyone nicely and that's why Obama got elected.

Ziegler also has another video out. It's called Blocking The Path To 9/11 and it's about how the Clinton's were the cause of 9/11. Well, them and Kieth Olbermann. It is about how it was all a plot so Hillary could get elected president. Well, since that didn't happen, he had to figure out something else. So, the media who covered up everything in 9/11 for the Clinton's, especially ABC, elected Barack Obama president.

John Ziegler, is quite something, he also got into quite a shouting match with Nate Silver of about his poll from around election day. Nate called it a push poll
and I tend to agree with Nate. It was very biased. But of course John doesn't see it that way. I tried to answer the questions but the way it was worded was almost impossible to even answer. You couldn't answer some of the questions because the right answer was not there. So, how were you supposed to take his poll fairly?

Someone commented on my post from yesterday, what happened in 2000 and in 2004 that George W. Bush got elected, since the liberal elite media is so evil, but no one has ever been able to answer that for me either. I did ask about the figures that were quoted in my last post, the 97% of teachers and such. He admitted he made those up. I had figured as much, but I wanted him to admit it. That's mostly what I find. When you push some of these people who like to quote these so called facts, they can't give you a source, it is all made up.

We need to be vigilent, for people like these, wing nuts or whatever you want to call them. Sarah Palin is a force to be reckoned with. I firmly believe she is planning a run in 2012. I think her plans right now are to finish out her term in 2010 and then start her campaign for president. John Ziegler is signed on. He has already started with this interview/movie her did of her.

Rick, the author of the email to Celtic Diva has signed on, and all the members of Team Sarah have signed on. They number in the thousands and are growing every day. As we have seen, she is not afraid to lie to get what she wants, and she doesn't care who she hurts along the way.


morb320 said...

SP is dangerous because she doesn't think before she acts or opens her mouth, does not acknowledge what she does not know, does not want to know any more than she thinks she knows, and does not think she is ever wrong about anything. I could go on and on, but would run out of space.
I think her followers are blind to her short-comings because they want to be. They so want to believe that she is a woman of God and ignore that much of what she does has little to do with being a Christian.
I,too, became interested in finding out about Palin shortly after her first disjointed, unintelligible interview with Katie Couric because I just could not believe that McCain and the Republican Party would attempt to ram such an unqualified, incompetent individual down Americans' throats to be seriously considered for VPOTUS.

enigma4ever said...

thanks for these links....the sad thing is that all of us HOPED that that was the end of SaraP....BUT noooooooooo...

so yeah- we have to pay attention and hold onto bad clips etc..because they will come in handy later.....
( just Like the video from the WitchDoctorRev and her wacky church and her speechs at the Anti America meetings...etc..etc.....we can squash her...)