Thursday, January 29, 2009

Most People Support Passage of Stimulus says Polls

This is just another indication that most people are smarter than the darn Republicans in Congress. They can't seem to get the idea we rejected their ideas and their ideals in the last elections. It wasn't just George Bush we were voting against it was all of the crap that got us into this mess in the first place. What do we need to do to get it through to them we don't want to do it their way any more.

This is another example that we are over the Republican way. Yes, Pres. Obama reached out to them, trying to get their support for his bill. Yes, Pres. Obama tried to bring them in so they wouldn't be completely left out in the dark, cold wilderness and look like a bunch of idiots wandering around. But they chose to reject it. Well, so be it. Let them reject away. As he told them the other day. "I Won!" Get over yourself, Republicans...go to the back of the room and sit down and shut up.

As President Barack Obama tries to win over reluctant Republicans on his economic stimulus plan, a slim majority of the American public wants to see Congress pass the roughly $800 billion package of new government spending and tax breaks. According to a Gallup Poll on Tuesday, 52 percent of the nation's adults favor congressional passage of plan and 37 percent are opposed, while 11 percent have no opinion.

A Diageo/Hotline poll conducted Jan. 21-24 put support for the stimulus plan at 54 percent to 34 percent even if it means increasing the federal deficit.

Lobbying for and against the bill has intensified in recent weeks.But despite all the focus on the plan, public opinion on the subject is virtually identical to where it stood three weeks ago. A Gallup Poll conducted Jan. 6-7 found 53 percent of Americans in favor of Congress passing a major economic stimulus program (then estimated at $775 billion) while 36 percent were opposed.

In the Diageo/Hotline poll, 27 percent said tax cuts for businesses to create jobs was the most important part of the stimulus plan, 17 percent cited spending on local governments and local school districts, 15 percent named spending on alternative energy technology and 14 percent said tax cuts for individuals.

Fifty-seven percent are confident the stimulus money will be spent wisely if the legislation is passed and 41 percent are not. Sixty-five percent are confident the package will be effective in stimulating the economy and 32 percent are not.

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