Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gaza/Israeli still going on. The innocent are still falling.

Here are two video's of reports of the fighting in Gaza. The first one is very graphic. Be prepared. I mean VERY GRAPHIC.

The second is just a news report from around the world from Al Jazeera who is the only news agency allowed in Gaza.

I am still just in disbelief over this. My heart aches for the people who are suffering. These families don't deserve this. These people have no where to go, they are not allowed to leave, and they are in their homes and Israel is bombing them with abandon. I know Hamas is still sending missiles over Israel, but couldn't they stop for a while and at least try to talk?? Why are these innocent children being slaughtered?? I don't for a minute believe the hype that they were all used for the human shields as was being put out earlier. I just don't see it in every instance.

Sorry, I can't go on any more...Here are the video's.. You make the decisions you need to make. I can only say what is in my heart and mind. These are short..only about 2 minutes each.

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