Friday, January 30, 2009

Senator Claire McCaskill Tells it Like It Is

I am so proud of my Senator.... She is one hell of a woman...


Fran said...

Kickin' ass & taking names.

I like your Senator... she said what needed to be said.

How about that kicking us in the shins while drinking champaign remark?

Right on

D.K. Raed said...

I loved the fact that she caught that stopping fatcat bonuses is not the whole issue. She understood that the issue is total income, which includes bonuses. If you merely examine an exec's bonus, the corp will limit the bonus, but make up for it in salary & bene's.

I guess it shouldn't have to be said that if these corp's weren't receiving bailout money, they would only have to explain their exec pay to their shareholders. The minute they took bailout funds, WE became defacto shareholders & they are accountable to US. I hope McCaskill succeeds in getting some spine into the transparency issue. They can't just take the money & not tell us where it is going or how it is being used. No accountability, no funds, I say!

Unknown said...

Looks like Claire is talking out of both sides of her mouth