Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eric Cantor Attacks the White House

Here go the Righties again... making up stories to scare the little children.. lol Those big, bad Lefties are putting out Attack ads, Throwing Mud, Making the Repugs look bad, ... watch this see what you think:

Here is the email they sent out to refute the AD, it is from none other than Eric Cantor... what a charmer he is.

"In his Inaugural Address, President Obama promised to put an end to the petty politics that have come to dominate Washington. Yet, today that message is threatened as the White House and their allies are making political threats rather than crafting a bipartisan economic stimulus plan," Cantor said. "Yesterday's vote was only the beginning of the process and House Republicans are committed to working with President Obama to find real economic solutions. We should not allow politics to destroy this process. Threats from unnamed White House sources undermine our national spirit of bipartisanship."

"In addition, President Obama should immediately disavow plans by some political groups who announced they will run attack ads against Republicans. Let us be clear: attack ads will not create jobs or help struggling families but will only serve to undermine our nation's desire for bipartisanship. Instead of thinking about winning at any cost, we should all be thinking about creating the jobs Americans need."

The "threat" Cantor is referring to is this reporting from Politico: "Pushing back against the unanimous House Republican vote against President Obama’s stimulus plan, the White House plans to release state-by-state job figures 'so we can put a number on what folks voted for an against,' an administration aide said."

They just keep spouting this Tax Cut nonsense, which we have seen does not work. It is what has gotten us into this mess we are in now. Pres. Obama had put in some of their ideas in the plan the house had put forward, yet it wasn't enough, they cried and whined and wanted more and more.

Well, they have just about shot themselves in the foot this time. I think maybe they have pushed it just a bit too far. But, who am I to say. We will see what happens when the bill comes back out of the senate.

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Mauigirl said...

I agree, they are just making themselves look bad here. But perhaps they'll come around on the second version of the bill after it's been to the senate.