Saturday, January 10, 2009

TVA Screws up at Kingston Plant George Bush Legacy Lives On

I was reading the paper this morning, (yes, I still read the paper, I am one of those funny people who still likes the feel of paper in my hands) anyway, as I was reading I noticed an article in there about the Coal Ash Spill in Eastern Tennessee. According to this article the chief executive of the TVA, acknowledged Thursday the plant's containment ponds leaked two other times in the last five years but had not been repaired correctly.


And this guy is still in his job?? His name is Tom Kilgore, and he told the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee that they had found that dikes holding toxic coal ask mixed with water at the Kingston Plant in Tennessee had allowed NOTICEABLE seepage in 2003 and 2005.

The TVA choose cheap patches instead of a more extensive repair which they think may have contributed to the catastrophic failure of Dec. 22. Well, DUH. You know, you put a patch on something it is always weak there, and the more pressure you put on it eventually it will give way...especially if you do it with inferior products or in an inferior manner. Just makes sense doesn't it. Why is that so hard to figure out?

It isn't clear that the breach is due to the earlier cheap fixes because they can't clearly link the two failures, but Kilgore said obviously it doesn't look good. Again, I say … DUH!!!!!!

This flood of toxic ash and water destroyed three homes, damaged several dozen properties but luckily there have been no deaths. However, the long term effects of this will not be known for years. How many more of these are there??

Sen. Barbara Boxer, (D, CA) Chairwoman of the EPW Committee passed around a jar of the nasty sludge from the spill in Tennessee and said she was partly to blame for this mess. She has not been on top of the TVA in the last two years as she should have been.

Yes, she should have been. But then so should who ever was before her. If there were two other breaks in this dam before, and no one has done anything about it there should be an investigation of that. Why have these things just been left to slide?

As, PE Obama has stated over and over, our infrastructure is crumbling. This is an example of just that.

How many other of these dikes and bridges would have had to fail before George Bush would have noticed and done something about it? This is something that has happened before. Remember St Paul? The I-35 Bridge that fell into the Mississippi River? Another example of our crumbling infrastructure. Hurricane Katrina and the failure of the levees to hold the flood waters and getting the people to safety, another example.

These are things that should have been addressed. Instead, our president for 10 more days decided we had to go to work in Iraq. He wants to rewrite his legacy now.

Just think, if he had not gone to Iraq, but done his job right here, fixed the crumbling infrastructure, been on the ball and paid attention when they warned him about Katrina being a monster, he would go out in style, instead of going out in shame. Now, he has to duck shoes, duck people, hide his face, wave at no one to look good when he comes outside the White House, and pick and choose where he goes. Then try to re-write history so he looks good riding off into the sunset January 20th because no one will cares that he is leaving. Well, I guess we do care... We will be so happy, we are celebrating in record numbers.

Happy Days Are Here Again!!!!!!!!!

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enigma4ever said...

that name Kilgore rings a bell..I have to look him up....this whole mess needs to be reviewed discussed and looked at - esp. relative to health and environmental damage...

( and lining the ponds with gravel or abestos...oye...)

the bottem line is that drinking water should not be located near such lagoons or ponds...BUT since many are- the smarter thing to do at this point is BUILD NEW improved Water treatment Filtration plants. and the plants should have a four step process to process and filter the water, including MAGNETIC processing to remove the heavy metals...and then also activated charcoal...and then gravel (it washes the last of the particles..) and then re-filter...the heavy metals are the worry... and telling people to "boil" concentrates the heavy metals....

Anyways....if Energy is to overhauled and it will is the time to come up with systems that will never let this situation happen again...