Friday, January 2, 2009

Gaza/Israel enters day 7

Day 7, I try to post videos and news from all arenas to show as much as I can about the news coming from Gaza and Israel. It is hard. We don't always see all the news coming out, we only see what they want us to see. Yes, I know, that sounds ominous, and I guess in a way it is, but it is the truth, we do only see what the MSM wants us to see. We see the shots the reporter and the camera person want to show us. We see the bias they have, even though they may claim to be impartial. I just don't believe in a situation like this, you could ever truly be.

So, I am posting a couple of videos here, so that you can watch them and decide for yourself. This is chilling, it is provocative, it is very emotional. No matter which side you say you are on, or if you say you aren't on either side there are always hurt feelings and anger. It is almost impossible not to feel some.

That is from Al Jazeera English, and the other will probably be also. But if I can't find another from there I will find one from somewhere else to show the Israeli side. I couldn't find a video from Al Jazeera giving the Israeli side of things. They seem to be favoring the Gaza side. Which as I was saying is the problem with all news organizations. So here is a video from MSNBC showing the Israeli viewpoint.

It is a difficult situation no matter which side you are on. Civilians are being hurt and killed. Children and babies and families on both sides are suffering. That is the bottom line. Who is to blame is not for me to decide. Nor I think is it for any person sitting at there computer on the sidelines. It is for smarter people with much cooler heads, who know a lot more about the entire thing. People like Zbigniew Brzezinski and others of his ilk who have lived and breathed this for years. Now that is a smart man. So, watch, take away what you will and decide for yourself. Just think of the innocent victims of the war, those are the ones I feel for.

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