Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin L. King speaks against the VietNam war.

Martin Luther King speaks against the Vietnam War...This wasn't as well known as his other speeches but it was his.

Some good time based music to go along with of my favorite songs of all time, from this era too...but it is one of my favorites. It is also a favorite saying of mine. It is on my MySpace page even.

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Fran said...

That is a fantastic Dr. King speech. If you change the name of the countries, it is hauntingly true today.
That speech was very controversial. People really warned King to not do it, to just stick with civil rights.
King realized it is all connected. Poverty, Exploitation of poor black young men to fight the war, and that war itself is wrong. King even said if you think I am a one issue person, you don't know me.

Funny! We both picked the same song!
So I LOVE your musical taste!