Tuesday, January 13, 2009

PE Obama to issue Executive Orders to fix Bushes Screw Ups

It has been reported by Politico and by Crooks & Liars that PE Obama is going to be signing Executive Orders after the Inauguration to start undoing some of the things the Bush administration has done to our country.

These include torture of terror suspects, closing the military prison at Guantanamo Bay and other controversial security policies.

According to Sen. Russ Feingold, (D,WI) he’s been informed that President Obama will support his proposed legislation to make public some opinions from the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, which issued some of the Bush Administration's most sweeping claims of executive power. Obama also has promised to limit President Bush's practice of using "signing statements" to amend legislation.

From Politico:

"Every day we get indications that they're serious about reversing the abuses of the Constitution," Feingold, a harsh Bush critic, told Politico. Feingold said he thinks Obama is likely to issue executive orders rapidly reversing Bush policies, and others have indicate that those will likely cover the interrogation and detention of terror suspects, and keeping the records of past presidents secret.

"I don't know in what order or how fast" Obama’s executive orders could come, he said. "It'll be important that a couple of them be done immediately, and I think they will be, to show there's a strong break from the current policy."

Chris Lu, executive director of Obama’s transition team, told supporters in a conference call earlier this month that Obama’s aides have “started developing executive orders that the pres elect is considering –not only ones the President-elect will sign after January 20, but also ones we will want to repeal."

Obama aides didn't respond to requests for more detail, but the president-elect campaigned against what he called Bush’s abuse of executive authority.

"I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president, I actually respect the Constitution," Obama told an audience at a campaign fundraiser in 2007.

In “Change for America,” a book by the Center for American Progress Action Fund that was designed as a blueprint for Obama’s presidency, Yale Law School dean Harold Hongju Koh outlined "a package of executive orders, proposed legislation, agency shakeups, and concrete foreign policy actions” the new president should embrace, including “four key executive orders” requiring the closing of Guantanamo Bay and ending the torture of detainees

This just reinforces my faith that PE Obama is planning on doing the right thing and putting this country back on the right track. He will restore out standing in the world and allow us to hold our heads up high again. There has been dissent by some on the left saying they thought he was not going to keep his promises to do some of these things and I have been telling them to just be patient. PE Obama couldn't just come out and say everything he plans to do from day one.

We just need to stand back and wait and see what happens. As long as we hold his feet to the fire and support him, yet hold him accountable when he doesn't keep his promises AFTER HE GETS IN OFFICE we will be fine.

But lets get him in office first.

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