Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saradise Lost by Phil Munger...My hat is off to him

My friend, Phil Munger has an interesting post over at Progressive Alaska. Talking about the failed VP candidate, Governor of Alaska, Conservative Republican Sarah Palin and her recent attack on anonymous bloggers and the media.

UPDATE Phil has a new post up about Saradise...you need to get over there and check it out!!

She has also garnered the attention of Immoral Minority and Celtic Diva regarding the same thing. You will have to take a look at them and see what they have to say.

But Phil's is quite the story. He has written a "book" about Sarah. He calls it “Saradise Lost” and there are several chapters and “books” to be read if you check the list.

He titles the latest one “The Ineptness of the Alaska and National Press in Dealing With Palin's False "Anonymous Blogger" Meme - Part One". Here is an excerpt:

I've been talking to some of Alaska's anonymous, pseudonymous and non-anonymous bloggers over the weekend about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's charmless offensive against an opponent that pretty much is either a figment of her imagination, or well, or, she has just plain intentionally "made up." - the "anonymous bloggers."

Palin has occasionally described them as pajama-clad basement denizens, who feed information to the media, who then treat phony information in such a way that it is raised somehow to the level of authenticity, and then becomes something treated as a fully vetted story. I only know of one main national figure who built a career out of doing just what Palin describes - Matt Drudge, of the Drudge Report.


To me, from the beginning of her "elevation," the story has always been that Sarah Palin is one of the most unqualified people in recent U.S. history to be a vice president or president. One didn't have to delve into family gossip and so on to help prove the case. It was all out there in her record as politician, administrator and "community organizer." From the beginning, most of us in our small online community realized that Alaska bloggers could help clarify Sarah Palin to the large bloc of uncommitted voters best, by assisting the large number of Outside reporters who would descend on our state.

From there you can see, someone who knows Gov. Palin very well and can tell you exactly how she is. Phil has written about her a number of times as have the others I mentioned. When you check Phil's site be sure to check the other chapters of Sarah's book. You won't be disappointed.

I see so much parallel between her and George Bush, from their time in office, to their intellectual level. However, I think maybe George may be a little smarter than she is, she has more of a stage presence than George ever had. Therefore her commanding presence at the Republican Convention and her drawing of record crowds during the campaign cycle.

Take some time and visit these blogs and check out the Books of Sarah...you will be glad you did.

Saradise Lost Chapter 16

Saradise Lost...missing information

Saradise Lost Chapter 20

Another great site to check out if you have never been is Andrew Halcro's site. He is a great read.

We need to be afraid of her. She has a large number of supporters. They have started campaigning for her already. They have managed to make CNN remove her name from their list of unethical politicians. Now Team Sarah has complained to the FCC about David Letterman because they feel like he insulted her. Because he and Paul made a joke about her. It was ok for Rich Lowry to say she turned him on when she winked at him and only him in the debates, and he was all over his sofa...but Dave can't make a joke about her being attractive. What happened to the "Coldest state with the hottest Governor" slogan that used to be around?? Thanks to Team Sarah those words may get you in trouble.

I hope you don't mind these, and take the time to check it out. This will be something to watch for in a couple of years. I think she is getting ready to run in 2012 for president. She got a taste of National attention and she will be back for more...well she has never left really...but if we thought George was bad...look out world..Here comes Sarah!!!!


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OK, let's hope Obama's new Attorney General actually goes after Bush and Cheney and Rumsfield and the entire criminal crew, and hauls their ass in front of a grand jury for indictments. I hope Obama doesn't let the torture and all the rest go.

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