Monday, January 5, 2009

Ret. Adm. Dennis C. Blair has been selected as National Intelligence Dir.

Dennis Cutler Blair (born 1947) is the John M. Shalikashvili Chair in National Security Studies at The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) [1] and the General of the Army Omar N. Bradley Chair of Strategic Leadership at Dickinson College [2] and the U.S. Army War College [3]. He is the immediate past President of the Institute for Defense Analyses, a U.S. Government think-tank in the Washington D.C. area focused on national security. Reuters has announced that Blair will be the Director of National Intelligence in the Obama administration.[4]

Blair was born in Kittery, Maine in 1946, and was a 6th generation naval officer. He attended St. Andrew's School (1964) and, as a classmate of Oliver North and James H. Webb, graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1968. Following his graduation from the Naval Academy, he started his career with an assignment aboard the guided missile destroyer, USS Tattnall, followed by a Rhodes Scholarship, majoring in Russian studies at Oxford University, during the same time future president Bill Clinton studied there. He served as a White House Fellow from 1975 to 1976 with Wesley Clark and Marshall Carter, the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange.

His last job in the military was Commander-in-Chief of U.S. Pacific Command, the highest ranking officer over all U.S. forces in the Asia-Pacific region. Previously, he was Director of the Joint Staff in the Office of the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff and served in budget and policy positions on several major Navy staffs, and the National Security Council staff. He was also the first Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Military Support. He retired from the United States Navy in 2002.

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