Monday, January 5, 2009

Please Vote for Army of Dude

I have a young man's blog on my blog roll who I would like to ask you to vote for. He is up for Military Blog of the year. He is an Iraq Veteran. His blog is genuine, it comes from his heart. I am sure there are others that do too, but this young man's story touched my heart.

His blog name is Army of Dude and if you click on the name of his blog it will take you to his web page where he has a link to the voting page.

If you find it in your heart and mind to do so, please go vote for him. No, I am not for the war. I don't really think he is either. He is trying to start writing for a living and this is his way to get started. You write about what you know and this is what he knows for now.

He seems to have a lot of talent, and he uses it very well. So, as I said, please check it what you feel is for the best. He is up against some stiff competition and I have always been for the underdog.

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