Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekly Radio/You Tube Address from PE Obama

It's is our shiny new president elect...telling us the truth, giving us the scoop..keeping us in the loop. Gosh he just makes me feel good listening to him. Even with the bad news this week about the jobs. He just makes me feel full of, dare I say...HOPE..encouragement..At least he comes and talks to us..We don't have to wonder where he is...Hey, how cool is it that only just over a won't be President-Elect any more.. He will be THE REAL PRESIDENT....WOOO HOOOO!!!!

He references a report in his address this morning... I am adding a link to it. It is called The Job Impact of American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan.

Here is our President:

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enigma4ever said...

oh thank you...I just got home from work..I need to post this too..Yahooooo ..

OUR president....