Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dick Cheney Gets a Shout Out From the Crowd.

While visiting Watergate Summer earlier I noticed she had a post up about Katrina and how everyone has kinda forgotten it. We have so focused on the Iraq war and torture and how Bush & Co has done so much there and how betrayed we feel over it, and his criminal behavior there, we seem to have forgotten Katrina.

Well, maybe not forgotten, but at least pushed it aside to a certain extent. So, I made a commitment to her that I would make some posts about it too. As I was looking at some things on You Tube, I found this one vid that just about summed up what I think most people feel about at least Dick Cheney. Actually there are 2 here. So that you see it from both perspectives so to speak. It's pretty good. So take a look at this and see what you think. I will do more later on. This is just for now.

Now the language is a little rough...well for Cheney it isn't... He believes this is appropriate for the floor of the Senate. But this isn't safe for work or young ears. So be careful now.

Hope you enjoy...

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