Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope and Progress for President Obama

This is OUR day...the day of HOPE for PROGRESS toward the future. We must remember that it can't be done with just hope, and with just depending on our president. We have to help, we have to work for that progress too.

We must start to learn how to live differently. We need to teach our children what the meaning of sacrifice and sharing is. We have allowed ourselves to become lazy, and forgotten the lessons of our parents and grandparents.

I am guilty of it. I did for my daughter, much more than my parents did for me, because I thought I was giving her things that were withheld from me. Now, as I have gotten older, and hopefully wiser, I see that I was really wrong. Oh, I didn't always just give her things...I couldn't. But, there were lots of times I did without so she could have toys she really didn't need.

I see things like that happening now. I hear some of the talking heads saying they see people lining up to buy $400 phones, $800 teevees and things like this so we can't be in a recession. Are they really serious?? I sometimes wonder if they are on the same planet I am on.

Yes, some people are spending money. It is probably money they have saved for a long time, or it could be they have put it on their credit cards. But this too will come back in the end.

We each need to look at our lives, think about our priorities and get them straight. We have been through 8 years of the worst kind of misery I can imagine. We have had a president that didn't care about our families, didn't care about our country really. He didn't care about much of anything except how he looked to his self, and evidently he liked what he saw when he had his picture painted, I thought it looked silly. Where is Dorian Gray when you need him??

We are ready to begin anew...this is an awakening for us all. So as we start a new administration, as we bring in a new president, lets start anew with purpose. With HOPE for the future, for PROGRESS of our Country and our lives.


D.K. Raed said...

really well written and so true. time to adjust our priorities.

enigma4ever said...

great post....I would bet you taught your daughter well and taught her to appreciate what you gave her.;..that nothing was taken for granted...

I go to the APPLE store near me for computer repairs...and it is in a very hoity toity Expensive shopping center..and I am always amazed at the amount of greed there, teenage girls whining for a BETTER IPhone etc...and I sit and think these people live within miles of my hood ?????but what planet are they on...

and yeah, my son and I stayed up last night and had this very discussion about what this all means- sacrifice and WHY we live like we live.....( I always joke that I live Beyond Frugal-sounds like a place on a map doesn't it ?) And will Obama help people Learn and Cope and Adapt through the Depression ??? It will be a huge task....but we all need to help him with it....and teach those around us....

which is why folks blog ;-)