Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Absolutely Stupid Picture, Someone Should Be Fired.

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This is up there with the Barack the Magic Negro, Watermelon on the White House lawn, all that kind of stuff that was going around during the campaign. But I really thought we were over that.

I guess we aren't. This just makes me so angry. What a bunch of idiots. Note the title. Virginia GOP Women.. Stay Classy.

h/t Laffy


K. said...

Pure class.

A World Quite Mad said...

Racist gits.

You know what Ron White says. "You can't fix stupid."

A World Quite Mad said...

Oh and BTW, someone should contact Baskin-Robbins and ask if they've given permission to use their name in that manner. I'll eat my hat if they have.

Patricia said...

Good point about Baskin-Robbins. Might not please them at all. Other than that, this only really makes the authors look bad. Very bad.

Fran said...

good luck with that focus on getting elected. The racism shines through this feeble attempt to be humorous. Ptttttttttttt.