Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Back up for Nancy Pelosi, Ron Wyden Agrees With Her

Here is video of Sen. Ron Wyden, (D,OR), saying that Nancy Pelosi is correct.

Now, that is 2 members of the Senate Intelligence Committee backing up her statement that the CIA and the Bush Mis-Administration misled Congress during the briefings.

Watch this and see,

Also, Sen. Richard Shelby, (R,AL), when he was asked about it couldn't say that he had been told either. In other words he didn't lie and say yes, he was told about water boarding. Here is his statement,

“As Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in 2002, Senator Shelby was briefed by the CIA on the Agency’s interrogation program and the existence of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EITs). To his recollection, not only did the CIA briefers provide what was purported to be a full account of the techniques, they also described the need for these techniques and the value of the information being obtained from terrorists during questioning. The Senate briefing also included an explanation of how these techniques were consistent with the law and with the national security interests of the U.S. To his recollection, while there was a great deal of discussion, there were no objections raised during the Senate briefing he attended.”

This is very carefully worded. It says Shelby was told about the “existence” of the techniques and given a “full account” of their existence. This doesn’t address whether they were used. He was also told about the “value of the information being obtained from terrorists during questioning,” but the statement conspicuously doesn’t say the info was obtained through the use of the techniques.

H/T to GottaLaff for this, she got it from TheHill web site. After they asked Sen. Shelby about his remembrance of the briefings. As I said it is worth noting he didn't say they were told the were being used, just as Nancy Pelosi said.

So, now we have 2 Democratic Congress members and a Republican backing her up. What more do we need?

She has also stated we need to have hearings. I agree, lets have hearings, get all the information out there. Republicans, do you really want that? Get it all out in the open and let's investigate it all. If heads roll, they roll, no matter whose heads they are, let the chips fall where they may.

Top to bottom, bottom to top. But, lets get it done.


NEWSGUY said...

Right on. We disagree about release of the pix, but we are in full agreement on the need for investigation and prosecution.

Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Yoo, the whole criminal bunch all should be in prison. Remember Charles Graner, one of the US military guards at Abu Ghirab, now in prison for torture? Let's give him George Bush for a cellmate. Or John Yoo.

Patricia said...

This whole Pelosi thing is just a smokescreen anyway, for the most part. If she said she loved torture and go for it, it wouldn't have made it more legal or right. Of course, if what Wyden is alleging about not being properly briefed can be established that is another violation of the law.

Fran said...

Forget Congress having hearings.... that would be a total waste of time. Bring on the Independent Counsel.
Let the investigation begin. I don't care if they do grill Pelosi too. Put it ALL on the table.