Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Think Progress Has an Extensive Review of Torture Failures

Think Progress has an extensive review of torture, what some like to call "enhanced interrogation techniques", which shows the failures of each example that has been given by Cheney and all the others.

The review can be accessed here, and is a great listing of all the talking points given by the right and by the ones who defend the practices of the Bush Mis-Administration.

Among the many examples cited it uses this statement by none other than General David Petraeus, who some have held up as a person who could be the great white hope of the GOP in the future.

“Some may argue that we would be more effective if we sanctioned torture or other expedient methods to obtain information from the enemy. That would be wrong. Beyond the basic fact that such actions are illegal, history shows that they also are frequently neither useful nor necessary. Certainly, extreme physical action can make someone ‘talk;’ however, what the individual says may be of questionable value.” [Gen. David Petraeus, Letter to Multi-National Force-Iraq,

Just goes to show they need to be careful who they pin their hopes on, it may come back to bite them in the butt...lol

Another source they like to use, is that we train our military using some of these same techniques, called SERE so therefore it can't be torture. Well here is what one of the SERE Specialist's has to say.

“According to his testimony, ‘history has shown us that physical pressures are not effective for compelling an individual to give information or to do something’ and are not effective for gaining accurate, actionable intelligence.” [Terrence Russell, JPRA’s manager for research and development and a SERE specialist, testimony to Committee, 8/3/07. Senate Armed Services Report

Those are just a couple of examples from the extensive report they have done. There are many links, many statements with full backup, and much, much more that is worth the time to read and explore the examples they give.

Check out Think Progress Why Enhanced Interrogation Failed. Education, education. It is the only way we can make sure we can stay ahead of the right wingers and get the process done, so we can prosecute these criminals and get the real job of healing our nation done.

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Fran said...

You know it's bad when they cook up sanitized phrases like "Enhanced Interrogation".

It sounds like something Rumsfeld had his hand in-- like precision bombing.

Can we fast forward to the prosecutions?