Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why aren't the Media Talking about the Murders?

There were murders committed, so why are the media not talking about that?

No, they would rather talk about what Nancy Pelosi knew and when she knew it. How ignorant. As Bob Cesca says.. Loud Voices and Shiny Objects.. the media sees things like Nancy Pelosi and grabs it..

Human Rights Investigator, Attorney John Sifton was on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman talking about the murders and torture deaths of at least 100 detainees and prisoners during the reign of terror of the Bush Mis-Administration.

Here is the conversation they had.

He has also written an article and posted it in The Daily Beast. Gee, wonder why Tina Brown didn't mention it on her weekly walk through with the Joke and Mika. Tina goes on there and they kissy, kissy every few days.. but she never challenges anything Joke says.

You can find, John Sifton's article, under the heading The Bush Administration Homicides.

• An estimated 100 detainees have died during interrogations, some who were clearly tortured to death.
• The Bush Justice Department failed to investigate and prosecute alleged murders even when the CIA inspector general referred a case.
• Sifton’s request for specific information on cases was rebuffed by the Bush Justice Department, though it was “familiar with the cases.”
• Attorney General Eric Holder must now decide whether to investigate and prosecute homicides, not just cases of torture.

That's just the headlines of the article. There is a lot more. Quite an interesting read and I would say a must read.

These are the things I think we should be talking about. Pictures that may or may not need to come out, why do we need to see more? Haven't we seen enough already?

We know what they look like, just investigate. Why do we need to see them, just get your letters off to congress and get these things investigated and get the charges filed. I don't need to see another picture to know what was done.

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