Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lawernce O'Donnell Sat in for Ed Last Night

Lawernce O'Donnell sat in for Ed Schultz last night and he did great. He destroyed the torture apologists and let them bury themselves.

The best one was Frank Gaffney, he has been on Hardball with Tweety several times and is always just a jerk and an asshole.

Frank says what we did was "unpleasant" but not torture.

He then takes on David Rivkin and tears him apart. With the same information he used on Gaffney. From a memo from a Marine who has been through SERE training.

Watch the video and listen to the description of what the Marine says he went through for just a few days. This is what we put detainees through for weeks at a time.

Did I mention I love Lawrence O'Donnell... He should have his own show.. He is great and really destroys these idiots.

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