Sunday, May 3, 2009

Even though I did this Friday..Again I Say.. Happy Birthday PETE!!

Happy Birthday Pete.. 90 Years young.. going strong and I hope we have you for another 90 years.. You are an inspiration and a joy.

Guantanamera As always.. audience participation

From PBS American Masters.. really good Biography about Pete.

This is a 2 part PBS American Masters that goes along with the full interview above. I believe it was supposed to be a promo. It's just Pete and his Banjo.. But it is good. I hope you all enjoy.

Now My Favorite Pete Seeger Song.. Sorry.. it just wouldn't be complete without


Fran said...

Seeger is a gem! Thanks for posting.

Fran said...

That is a cool segment talking about he always best enjoyed the *sing along* element-- even at Obama's inaugural event in January-- he invites the crowd... Sing it with us. Reflects his true nature to band together. Sweet! He is a gentle giant... a scrappy fighter, but a kind gentleman.

K. said...

Pete is immortal. Here he is looking on while Arlo Guthrie sings "Sailing Down My Golden River."