Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mancow Says Waterboarding Is Torture, Hannity Calls Mancow a Liar

Erich "Mancow" Muller put his mouth, lungs and brain where his mouth is and was waterboarded last week, to try to prove it WAS NOT torture. But it was a failure. He found out what we have been saying all along was correct, it IS torture.

He would like to change the name though, because he says Waterboarding makes it sound pleasant, and calling it simulated drowning, doesn't really work either.

Having drowned as a child, and having to be revived, he would know. He felt as if his brain was cut off, and there was just no hope, and that was within 6 seconds, and he was in control.

Just imagine, if he had been one of the detainees, who were not allowed to stop their torture, and had to deal with this up to 180 times a month. He said he had chest pains and felt scared for over 2 days.

Sean Hannity called him after he went through this and accused him of lying. Told him he was just trying to get ratings and I am not really sure what else Hannity said. Keith more or less ran out of time and cut him off. But, there was enough to show that Hannity is still a coward and still hasn't stepped up to put his money where his mouth is. Watch this and see:

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ZIRGAR said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yeah, Hannity is worthless, but since lots of people still take his word seriously and his influence casts a wider net than it should, then I think we need to take him seriously too, if for no other reason that to keep showing what a filthy, lying, cowardly shitburger he really is. lol