Monday, May 11, 2009

Joe Trippi has a New Post Up About Mugabe, Must Read

Joe Trippi has a new blog post up today about Robert Mugabe, the unfairly elected President of Zimbabwe. He is referencing a story in the Boston Globe.

It looks like some of the blogging and stories that have been published are finally doing some good.

With the amount of publicity Joe and David Shuster did to free Roy Bennett and to help the others who were imprisoned by Mugabe and his minions it is time something good comes of it.

Here is some of what Joe had to say:

Yesterday the Boston Globe joined the growing international community pressuring for Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to step down peacefully. The Globe has got it right. As I’ve said before, the most important thing that we can do is keep pressure on Mugabe through both traditional and non-traditional media sources to do the right thing for Zimbabwe to begin the rebuild the once proud and prosperous nation. Please pass this story on to your friends and post it where you can to keep the fight alive.

This is something that Joe feels very strongly about. On the day he spoke to Roy Bennett when he had just been released from Mugabe's prison he was very emotional on David's 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In fact they had to break for a bit so Joe could get his emotions under control, and then they went on with the show. It was a great moment to see these friends talk after the release of Roy from the horrible conditions he had been kept in.

The article from the Boston Globe goes on to say:

But there is reason to hope that Mugabe has become too dependent on international aid to risk sabotaging the power-sharing deal with Morgan Tsvangirai, the Movement for Democratic Change leader who is now prime minister.

Zimbabwe is asking for $8.5 billion in aid to revive the economy that Mugabe wrecked, but Western donors have wisely conditioned any such assistance on the release of all political prisoners.

After a meeting between Mugabe and Tsvangirai, bail was reinstated on the activists and 15 of the 18 were released. Western aid gives Tsvangirai leverage over Mugabe. Even though Mugabe’s cronies are desperate to stay in power, they are even more desperate for foreign cash.

That sounds great. Maybe enough pressure can be put upon Mugabe that he will step down and allow Tsvangirai to take his rightful place.

We must help keep the pressure up. Visit Joe's Blog and support him if you can by commenting and letting him know you care. That's all he asks for.

Joe is a great guy and has done a lot for the Democratic Party over the years. He still does a lot and is working to help get Brian Moran elected in Virginia.

Joe is an excellent writer and he also has others who blog on his page too. He has many subjects he writes about and is worthy of a few minutes time. Check him out, and see what else he has to say.. might surprise you to see some of the things he Lots of inside information.

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