Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally someone Challenges Liz Cheney

Someone finally challenged Liz Cheney, not real well, but at least it was something. She didn't just get to spout her nonsense like she usually does.

It must be in her agreement when she appears that no one will ask her hard questions, because she never has anyone on the other side to debate her really. She just gets to spew her venom and vile words and go on. She calls the President a liar, says he is putting us in danger, is going to let the detainees roam the country, because some liberal judge is just going to let them loose on bail or something.

Her nonsense just goes on and on. But here, Anderson Cooper actually asks her some hard questions, of course she really doesn't answer them, but at least he gets them out there.

Thanks to Media Matters for the video.


veralynn said...

OMG.."no a republican would not be calling a democrat a traitor....WTF? Where was she in the State Dept? She had to have had her own bunker. Damn that family to hell, all of them.

Agi said...

This is the Revenge of the Sith. Remember, they always come in pairs.

Silly Ratfaced Git said...

Yes. She imposes conditions to appear. One of which is only the host may ask her questions and no one else may be on at the same time as her. All of her appearances on MSNBC had Lawrence O'Donnell on after she left. He was not allowed to interject comments or ask questions while she was dong her spiel. Wouldn't want anyone to shoot down her lies while they are in progress.