Monday, May 4, 2009

TPM has a review of Pete's Birthday Bash

Head over to Talking Points Memo and see the review they have of Pete's birthday bash. It is good and makes some pretty valid points.

Thanks to ZenYenta for pointing me in that direction.

Here's what some of what TPM had to say:

But here's the amazing thing. In my life, I have never been to a concert (let alone a lefty concert) at which the name of the President of the United States was cheered. At previous concerts I've been to over the decades, the names of Kennedy, Johnson, Carter or Clinton were no more likely to be cheered than those of Reagan or Bush.

I have to disagree just a bit, because I seem to remember them cheering some during the last few years when shrubs name was mentioned at some concerts for the troops.. and they would talk about him and the wars. But maybe they were cheering the troops..I can't remember.. I was watching on teevee.

Springsteen said that he never saw Seeger more happy than at Obama's inauguration, noting that Seeger saw Obama's ascendancy as proof that he, Seeger, had "outlived the bastards."

Now, that I can believe.. I remember seeing Pete's face that day at the Lincoln Memorial. Of course Pete is always happy. So, check it out.. if you care to.. I still wish I could have been there..

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