Monday, May 18, 2009

Update To Maureen Dowd Plagiarizing Josh Marshall

Today I received an email from Simon Owens the proprietor of Bloggasm, who had a post up about the story and had gotten quotes from the players, so to speak, involved.

He wanted to share the quotes with me since I had posted the story and so I am going to post some of what he said and a link to his page.

Here is what Simon had to say on his page:

I reached out to both Josh Marshall and the TPM Cafe blogger who broke the story. Marshall responded with a polite, “I really don’t have any comment.”

The TPM Cafe blogger (I believe his first name is Joshua as well but I don’t know the last) said, “Honestly, I’d rather not. I’m pretty sure I can’t add anything that isn’t already clear cut. Obviously, I don’t know what happened, but I am interested in hearing what Dowd’s explanation is though – considering how big a role she played in Joe Biden’s plagiarism problem in 1988. ”

I can’t help but wonder why Marshall doesn’t want to comment on this issue. Either way, a virtual “lynch mob,” as one blogger called it, has already been set loose within Twitter and the blogosphere. The New York Times will be feeling the repercussions of this for weeks.

There is more, and again the blog is called Bloggasm, check him out. I really am not sure why he reached out to me, but he did.. you can check him out and see what else he posted about this little trip into hypocrisy Maureen Dowd took.

I call it hypocrisy, because she took this short paragraph, according to her story, from a "friend", who had it now seems, read Josh Marshall's original at TPM. Since Maureen didn't bother to cite either of them in her Op-Ed, she is guilty of plagiarism.

The hypocrisy comes due to her accusing then Sen. Joe Biden of plagiarism when he used parts of a speech given by Kinnock without citing him as the author, even though many times before he had used the same speech and cited Kinnock as the author.

She needs to do more than just say oopps. I think she owes Josh Marshall an apology, she owes Joe Biden an apology and she really should resign.

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