Saturday, May 16, 2009

President Obama gives his weekly address

Pres. Obama gives his weekly address. This man is so reasoned, so well spoken. I listen to him talking and think about the loud talkers on the other side, railing against him.

Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, just to name the 3 off the top of my head, how they scream and yell about how he is tearing the country apart. And that is what they do, they scream and they yell. They scream and they yell.. yet I have never heard Pres. nor Sen. Obama scream nor yell. He always speaks in a reasoned, well modulated voice.

Even the few times he has been angry, he never screamed, he never yelled, he was well modulated, he was controlled. But they are just over the top, screaming all the time.

Just something I thought about... He is talking about bringing all sides together for the good of all of us again, for health care, for energy. How is this well reasoned man, who tries to bring all sides together tearing this country apart.

This is why he is trying to stay above the fray in the torture investigations. He is wanting to carry on business as usual and let Congress and the Attorney General do their jobs. Which is what it should be.

So, let the President do his job, and ask Congress and the AG do theirs.

Here is your President.

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willis said...

While I don't agree with Obama on everything, where I would tend to disagree (reinstitute tribunals, continued rendition, etc) I like having a president that can atriculate the reasons for his decisions. It may not change my mind but I trust that he knows more about the situation than I Vs listening to the idiot we had for the last 8 years try to but a coherent thought together. A wonderful change!