Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Perspective From Outside, The View from a Non Citizen

One of the blogs I read regularly is Talking to Tango. He has a very unique perspective on things and yet sees them with an "outsiders eye". He is a Canadian and so looks at things with a different viewpoint than we do.

However, so many of the things that effect us also effects Canada, and things that our government does effects them. And of course vice versa.

We all know the last 8 years was disastrous to us all, and was just as much so to our neighbors to the North.

Today, Tango's Daddy has a great post up about the way he sees President Obama and the outreach he is making to the World. It is really a good read. It just kinda puts thing in perspective and helps me see things in a different light.

I often wonder if I see things through rose colored glasses because I do like and respect Pres. Obama. I know he has feet of clay, I see the things he has done wrong, don't misunderstand me. But, I am defensive of him, and so when he is being what I consider attacked by the "right" constantly for the infamous handshake, the gift of a book, the "bow", all of that, I can't help but wonder if I am just over defensive sometimes.

So, when someone from outside looking in so to speak writes something like this:

The Obama administration has done more in 100 days than GWB was able to destroy in eight years. George tried hard but failed.
I believe Hugo Chavez said the stench has left this room, would you care to read this book which speaks to my concerns? And your leader said thank you Sir I would be delighted. Today I saw Fidel Castro with some female American politician and Fidel was wearing an American lapel pin. THIS IS PROGRESS.
Cowboy bullshit politics are over for good, the real deal is in play and it is working. The American people made a good choice when it overwhelmingly elected President Obama. Nothing less than the world depended on it. Now I would like to see that hand extended in another direction, Al Qaeda. Time Out. Let’s talk. Would that make sense?
The president of the United States of America can talk to whoever he wants and it is not wrong.

Wow, I felt good reading that. Maybe we are headed in the right direction finally. Let's hope so for sure. Hopefully, those last two lines can come true soon too. That would be wonderful.

If we can see more progress as we saw this week with Pakistan finally stepping up and starting to fight the war in their own backyard maybe we will be able to step down some and start some real diplomatic talks in that area and get Al Qaeda to set down and talk.

What progress that would be. If we could do that, have peace in that area and bring all our troops home wow, what a joy we would have. Pres. Obama would be the best President ever, as I truly had hopes for him to become.

Oh I know, that's pie in the sky dreams.. but a girl can dream can't

Go check out Talking to Tango.. He is great.

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Tango daddy said...

We can all dream, if we can envision it we can make it happen.
Thank you so much for the kind words and the recommendation this means a very great deal to me as I consider yours to be a serious blog site.
Did you know that more Canadians would vote for Barack Obama than any of our own Canadian choices?
Now that should make you feel good, as our leader still wants to follow the failed policy and paths of GWB. Thanks again Annette.