Sunday, May 31, 2009

Did We Turn The Clock Back? The Hate Has Returned!

I thought the hatred and terrorism of the 1990's was over and we had gotten past this. But this morning it came back.

I remember during the campaign Brian Williams asked Sarah Palin if she thought a person who bombed an Abortion Clinic was a Domestic Terrorist. She would never really answer. Well I guess she has a chance again. It wasn't a bomb but we had a doctor murdered today. At church, of all places.

From the "Wichita Eagle":

President Obama said this afternoon that he was "shocked and outraged" by the killing of abortion doctor George Tiller, who was shot while attending church in east Wichita.

Wichita Deputy Police Chief Tom Stolz said at a news conference late this afternoon that a suspect in the shooting was in custody and on his way back to Wichita.

"However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence," the president said in a statement issued by the White House.

The rest of the article can be accessed through the link above and has some biographical information about Dr. Tiller that is worth noting and a statement from his family.

Dr. George Tiller, 67 in the vestibule of the church waiting to perform his duties as usher, his wife in the choir, was shot once and killed this morning, while 3 or 4 others were standing nearby. According to the police no one else was injured, however when they tried to detain the suspect they were threatened and so were forced to let him go.

They did manage to get the license number and a description of the vehicle, and the shooter and so the police was able to identify the suspect and get out a bulletin and apprehend him fairly quickly. He was picked up in Johnson County, Kansas with no problems. He is 51 years old, and his name is Scott Roeder, but not much more is known at this time.

This is just not good folks. We don't need the hate. As Pres. Obama said when he was at Notre Dame, we can find common ground on this sensitive subject. There is no need for this.

Dr. Tiller has been the subject of many attacks before, mostly because he does procedures that a lot of doctors won't do. He performs some late term abortions when the mothers life is in jeopardy and has caught a lot of heat for that. He has been investigated many times and every time has come out clean. The most recent in March of this year.

Bill O'Reilly has been after him and called him terrible names, and riles up the hatred even more. This can only lead to problems when this happens. Here is what Sully's take on all of the O'Reilly mess including video's.

On Friday, November 3, 2006, Bill O'Reilly featured an exclusive segment on his show, The O'Reilly Factor, saying that he has an "inside source" with official clinic documentation indicating that George Tiller performs late-term abortions to alleviate "temporary depression" in the pregnant woman. According to reporting data provided to the Kansas Board of Healing Arts for the year 1998, all of the post-viable partial-birth (dilation and extraction) abortion procedures performed in Kansas during that year were performed because "the attending physician believe[d] that continuing the pregnancy [would] constitute a substantial and irreversible impairment of the patient's mental function." Tiller responded to O'Reilly's statements by demanding an investigation into the "inside source" through which the information was leaked, suggesting that Phill Kline, then the Kansas Attorney General, was responsible. Kline denied the charge.

Phill Kline has since been discredited and ran out of office in Kansas. This became a vendetta for him, to prove that Dr. Tiller and Planned Parenthood was doing something wrong and it ended up costing him. He is now disgraced and barely able to show his face in public.

Please go to Sully's site, and watch the video's. I believe he truly bears some responsibility for the hatred that is out there. All these right wing talkers can't keep this nonsense going and not bear some of it. It just has to matter. Between them and the preachers spouting off all the time.

I could go on, but I think I have done enough. Another place to go read to get another perspective is Shannyn Moore's blog, Just a Girl From Homer. Of course, she has Teh Crazy near her with her Governor Palin anyway...and she has some really wacky preachers up there too. So Shannyn has been dealing with some issues lately and this is just one more.

Let me hear how you feel. Good, Bad, Angry, Sad, Scared...whatever.. Let me hear from you..


Anonymous said...

If O'Reilly thought the girl's late term abortion performed by Dr. Tiller was so horrendous, why did he not question the decision of HER PARENTS to take her from the east coast to Wichita, KS for the procedure. She was 14 years old, not in a position to do anything other than what her parents decided was in her best interest. And he didn't bother to ask her why she was 20 weeks pregnant before she talked with her parents about her pregnancy. I understand she may have been able to hide it. Why were he parents not there to discuss this with her. She acted as if the world was against her. Too bad her parent may not have really talked it out with her and given her some counseling to understand what she was doing was OK for her and perhaps the parents should have been with her during the procedures. If she sedated, the memories she has are not clear and may have been traumatic. The parent should have been there supporting her, like they would for any other serious procedure.

I detest the media not giving out the name of the assailant of Dr. Tiller. Why is this individual being protected. Innocent until proven guilty, yes, but identity protection? Since when in our country do we protect the suspects of crime? If they are black, their pictures are all over the news and tv. Must be a white, fundamentalist wingnut.

Murdering this doctor in church is particularly reprehensible.

D.K. Raed said...

Annette, I am very saddened by this murder. It's increasingly hard for me to understand why ProLife people are so quick to kill. Kill the doctor, kill the criminals, kill the enemies, kill kill kill. If they can rationalize all this killing, then I don't see where we are going to find the common ground Obama is hoping for.

ps, anony (above), when the killer was arrested last night, they gave out his name ... Scott Roeder. But today no one on the cable news shows is able to say it.

veralynn said...

I agree Annette, the right wingers are creating the climate and should accept responsibility in this mess. I hope that this will stop their fervor at everything and everyone they do not agree with. Maybe this will stop them from ratcheting up teh crazy. My fingers and toes are crossed!

K. said...

The way the right is smearing Dr Tiller is repulsive. The tone of the blogs I've looked at is "Well, of course we don't condone murder, but the guy was a baby killer. We challenge the left to not politicize this."

K. said...

I just watched the videos. That girl was prepped. O'Reilly is a complete phony.