Sunday, May 17, 2009

This is One of the Stupidest Things I Have Heard Lately

I have heard this stupidity before, but it still causes me to shake my head every time I hear it. Even though they are supposed to be teaching and promoting gun safety and good gun ownership, all they are doing is fanning the flames of anarchy and hysteria.

They keep pushing the idea, albeit covertly that Pres. Obama will be taking their guns away.

Guess who is helping to lead this charge over the weekend...well the NRA convention is in his backyard so Sen. John McCain dropped in to help out, along with Michael Steele.

First watch this little video, from Think Progress, then we will have some statements.

Part of McCain's statement to the NRA this weekend,

"We can and should do more to crack down on the illegal transfer to Mexico of weapons acquired in the United States, which is a violation of both U.S. and Mexican law. But that doesn’t require us to restrict the rights of law-abiding American gun owners," McCain said to applause at the NRA's 138th annual meeting at U.S. Airways Center in downtown Phoenix. "Again, the United States must do all it can to assist (Mexican) President (Felipe) Calderon in his war against the drug cartels. And I know the NRA will continue to work with the Administration, Congress, and the states to prevent flow of illegal weapons into Mexico by continuing to promote legal gun ownership and sales in the United States while fighting against any limitation on Americans’ Second Amendment rights."

But, what he didn't say nor did anyone remind him or anyone at the NRA to the thunderous applause he got, nor was it pointed out last year on the campaign trail, that he held a different view in 2001. Here is his statement and his stance then:

In 2001, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., rattled the gun-rights lobby by collaborating with Sen. Joe Lieberman, then-D-Conn., on a bill to eliminate the so-called Brady law “loophole” that allows gun sales at shows without background checks.

“Criminals and gun traffickers have figured this out,” McCain said in a May 15, 2001, Senate floor speech announcing the ultimately unsuccessful measure. “Gun shows are the second leading source of illegal guns recovered in gun trafficking investigations. According to a recent report by Americans for Gun Safety, ‘the states that do not require background checks at gun shows are flooding the rest of the nation with crime guns.’ While 95 percent of buyers are cleared within two hours, the 5 percent who are not are 20 times more likely to be a prohibited purchaser. Background checks are an essential part of keeping guns from criminals and other prohibited individuals.”

But, why confuse anyone with facts, when the politics would just get in the way. It is so much easier to paint things in black and white and make Pres. Obama look bad, and try to make it look like he is trying to take away all guns instead of just enforcing current legislation and making common sense assault weapons bans.

Of course, Michael Steele, was the exact same way. He held the same views as Pres. Obama, until it was fashionable to hold differing views. But again, why should we confuse anyone with the facts.

Think Progress has the entire story at their blog, and you can check it out there. It is just amazing to me that people are so gullable they believe all this without checking into it and can't remember from one time to another what these people say.

Pres. Obama has been consistent with his views and his statements. Yet, he is trying to take their guns away, or that is their belief. It is stupidity on their part, and I do mean STUPIDITY. No other words for it.

Want me to repeat it.. I will be glad to.. YOU ARE STUPID!

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