Thursday, May 7, 2009

Torturing Democracy

This was something I found that Sully had posted yesterday... thought it was interesting so I read it and thought I would post it. There are 6 video's but they are not long.

At the web site, Torturing Democracy is an interactive timeline you can look at and see what our country has been through in the torture debate, and how we have stood. It also outlines the memos and the stances the Shrub Mis-Administration took on all of it.

Very interesting. I spent a little time there reading and learning. They have 3 videos you can watch that are compelling stuff. This should be on the TeeVee Machine and people should be watching it.

This is why we are so torn, people do not know the real story behind all of this. This is the type of thing people need to see. Here are the video's.. Like I said there are 6, but they are only about 1 minute or so each.

Torturing Democracy Clip # 1

Torturing Democracy Clip # 2

Torturing Democracy Clip # 3

Torturing Democracy Clip # 4 Probably one of the most important.

Torturing Democracy Clip # 5

Torturing Democracy Clip # 6 This is the longest, but very chilling.

This was done by PBS, according to some of the comments.. but I don't know if it was ever played. It should be on all broadcast networks for everyone to see. Over and over again.

If we can see pictures of Pres. Obama shaking hands with Hugo Chavez played 100 times a day, and be told it is a scandal, why is this not being played over and over and being told it is a crime?

I hope you will take the time to visit the web site, Torturing Democracy and look at the information they have there.. it is very informative.

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