Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meet the New GOP, Same as the Old GOP

What year is it anyway... I swear it seems like it must still be 1996, instead of 2009. We keep seeing the same old faces.

You would think the Democrats hadn't won a resounding win the last 2 elections and were out of power the way the talking heads keep ignoring them.

Here is a new ad up from the DNC today.. I don't understand why they aren't putting these on TeeVee so everyone will see them.


Patricia said...

It would be so nice to not ever see them again. OTH, I'm not crazy about seeing Eric Cantor or Bobby Jindal either. They seem like the same old engine under a somewhat newer hood.

K. said...

You've hit on the larger question, which is why these discredited losers get any air time whatsoever. I think it's because it's the same old talking heads with the same old musty Rolodexes. The idea that people care about what John McCain or Newt Gingrich speak is ridiculous. As for Cheney, maybe the occasional chilling reminder isn't such a bad thing.

Patricia said...

Oh, yeah, keep Cheney coming, as long as watching him isn't mandatory. I agree, K., the talking heads are almost as out of touch as the GOP.