Sunday, May 17, 2009

David Waldman from DailyKos was on BloggerBunch on CNN

This is a wonderful discussion with 4 people discussing torture. Two from the left, supposedly, however Erica from the Center for American Progress is more center I think, and then two from the right.

David is very good and has his facts and points down very well. He can hold his own and is very strong. One of the best I have ever seen, why don't we see him MORE.

Watch this and tell me why we don't see his face on TeeVee all the time. He should be out there arguing these points everyday.. I would start a collection to help pay him and help get the word around that the subject needs to be changed in the media.

As I was saying and as he pointed out. The media needs someone to help them change the subject. The pictures are just a distraction, as is Nancy Pelosi. That's what Pres. Obama was trying to say the other day and what I have been saying.

The big story that everyone missed last week was that Cheney was ordering torture to get his link from 9-11 to Iraq.

Instead of focusing on that, people are angry over stupid pictures we have already seen enough of, and of what Nancy knew and when she knew it.

Don't get distracted, focus... Pay attention to the Big Picture and quit looking at the shiny object the Republicans are throwing out there...

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