Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Morning Talking Heads.. Bobble Heads.. Call It What You Will

If you don't want to watch the Sunday Morning Talking Heads.. but would like a review of what they have to say, with a humorous bend to it, you need to read Jason Linkins.

He writes at Huffington Post and every Sunday does a LiveBlog of the Talking Heads. This morning he has a great one up so far taking on Fox News Sunday and Face The Nation.

General Petraeus is on Fox, followed by Newt. Then on Nation is none other than our former VP Darth Cheney. However as someone pointed out the other day, even Darth reformed and said he was sorry at the end. So, maybe we should find another name for this piece of inhumanity.

The General is also on CNN, and James Jones, NSA Director for Pres. Obama is on This Week followed by none other than Sen. McCain. Why they keep putting these idiots on when no one really wants to hear from them is beyond me. All he did from what I heard was keep saying what Pres. Obama was doing that he wouldn't have done if he had been elected.

Well, if I had wanted McCain as President I would have voted for him, but I didn't and I didn't.. so go away.. why isn't he in Arizona with the mother of his children or his own mother for Mother's Day anyway?

So, go check out Jason's Live Blog and see what you think. Remember this is a weekly thing and is always a great read.

Jason is a regular writer and is also on Twitter if you use it.. you can follow him and get regular updates from him.

Check him out and see what you think. He will be updating for a while, so check back in a bit if he doesn't have all the shows up yet.


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