Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pres. Obama's Speech on National Security

I believe our President laid out the plan quite well this morning. He was detailed, yet not so detailed that he gave away the farm. There was no fear mongering. Just plain truth.

You could tell it was the truth. It was not a put down, mocking, sarcastic speech. He just laid out what he thought was the facts as needed to be done. There were some hard truths there for some people and I am sure they didn't like them, but that's the way things go.

It was a speech that made you feel good and let you know the smart people were in charge and you didn't feel like you were being talked down to or that there was an idiot in charge.

Watch and see what you think.

I will be interested in anyone's opinion.

If you would like to read the speech, there is a transcript here at Huffington Post.

One of the most compelling and important lines for me and for several others that I know would be this right here, I believe.

That is what I mean when I say that we need to focus on the future. I recognize that many still have a strong desire to focus on the past. When it comes to the actions of the last eight years, some Americans are angry; others want to re-fight debates that have been settled, most clearly at the ballot box in November. And I know that these debates lead directly to a call for a fuller accounting, perhaps through an Independent Commission.

I have opposed the creation of such a Commission because I believe that our existing democratic institutions are strong enough to deliver accountability. The Congress can review abuses of our values, and there are ongoing inquiries by the Congress into matters like enhanced interrogation techniques. The Department of Justice and our courts can work through and punish any violations of our laws.

For me that is the money quote.. I have long believed he was supportive of trials and hearings of some kind. That right there tells me he is. Thank you Mr. President.


themom said...

His speech was eloquent and he honestly laid everything out in the basest of terms. Then you have Cheney having to schedule his "speech" to coincide (follow) the Presidents? WTF is up with that? I listened (begrudgingly) to every insane word he had to say. If you ask me, he set out to endear himself to what few loyalists he may have - and in a way - beseeching those lowly figures of followers to defend him against any possible prosecution. It was a lame attempt at defending his illegal acts. Quite a few lies thrown in for good measure.

Patricia said...

It's been a bear of a week at work, so I'm going to have to catch up with some of this over the three day (yipee!) weekend, but from what I've seen it was his usual masterful job and Cheney's symptoms are getting worse. I think he really doesn't understand that he doesn't run the country anymore

lisahgolden said...

I missed it so thank you for the info. I wish Cheney would go away.

Silly Ratfaced Git said...

In my opinion Teh Dick™ Cheney is a coward, a liar, and a war criminal.

To quote the Faux Joe the Faux Plumber "I wouldn't let Teh Dick™ anywhere near my children."

Cheney belongs in prison with the alleged terrorists.