Saturday, May 23, 2009

Presidents Weekly Address

This is Memorial Day. Time for us to reflect, remember and honor our veteran and our service men and women.

The President reminds us of this and lets us know that we have a duty too. Take the time to honor some of the men and women at least this weekend.

I found a group if you are interested in joining. They are called eMail Our Military. You can sign up on their site to write to a service member and help support them while they are gone from home. They have a form you fill out on line, then you mail it in with a $2.00 processing fee. That's just to weed out scammers, then you are package with further instructions. It sounds complicated, but remember they are protecting you and the service member both.

It is a worthy cause, and it can be great for both of you. You can email or write either one. Think about it anyway. Just another way to honor our military and support them. We do have service members who have no real family and they have no home support.

Here is Our President, I am so glad we have him. He still makes me proud I voted for him.

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